Jaded Fashion

12 Dec 2013 | 2141 Reads | in FASHION

Drum- roll please……

A new t- shirt, singlet and accessories label is set to take the market by storm !

Ladies and gents introducing ‘JADED FASHION’, a sassy new collection, featuring printed t’s and singlets for both girls and boys, that will have you looking smoking hot this summer and beyond.


Designed by twin sisters and Melbourne entities, Simone and Yvette Rielly, the label represents simply the spirit with which these sisters live their lives; that is, as stated in their mission statement, to strive to encourage others to a new way of life.


Both Rielly girls come from a background of personal training which embodies their willingness to teach others to love all facets of themselves – body, mind and soul.


Key to the inspiration behind their collection of eye- catching garments, is the humble ‘Dragonfly’. To the Rielly girls the dragonfly is a mystical creature who is the essence of the winds of change. As the carrier of messages of; wisdom, enlightenment, joy, harmony, gratitude purposefulness and respect for a well lived life, the dragonfly essentially bridges the path between those that might be jaded with their lives and seeking reawakening.


Hence Jaded Fashion, the company behind the Jaded label was born.


The t’s and singlets are bold, boast statement prints and are designed with reawakening in others, the sense of self!


So why not begin the voyage of self discovery and reawakening with Jaded Fashion.

It may be the beginning of a brand new YOU……..


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More information soon to come at www.jadedfashion.com.au